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Dating Noah is the largest dating service for the international universal moral law community. No matter where you live in the world or what language you speak, we can serve you. initially began as a matchmaking service exclusively for Noahides. However, we are excited to announce that we will soon launch a comprehensive online dating platform for both Noahides and the entire morally conscious community around the world, encompassing non-Jews and Jews alike. Find out more about our online dating service. While we work towards expanding our services, Dating Noah's matchmaking has returned. Continue reading to discover if you are a good candidate for matchmaking, and whether matchmaking might be right for you.


What is a Noahide? A Noahide is someone who keeps the 7 fundamental laws of universal morality. Those laws are: don't murder, don't steal, don't commit immoral sexual acts, don't worship false deities, don't curse the Creator of the world, establish justice, and don't consume the meat of animals while they are still alive. The majority of individuals who describe themselves as Noahides also base their moral worldview on knowledge rooted in the Hebrew Torah.

The term "Noahide" is not the name of a religion, but is rather a personal identity. Any person, of any race or background may comfortably consider themselves Noahides if they adhere to the 7 universal moral standards. However, our matchmaking service is best suited for Noahides who consider themselves "God-fearing". 


The happiest marriages are between couples who are compatible. Having everything in common is not a requirement, but having shared and overarching principles and worldviews will aid in the cultivation of a healthy and lasting relationship. Great couples share the same vision for their families. When you use our matchmaking service our matchmakers will help you find someone most compatible for you. No more wasting time or worrying about being 'catfished'. Our matchmaking principles are based on happily married couples and their experiences. Matchmakers have access to a wide range of tools. We'll take the time to review your profile, reach out to you, and search our database of available singles to find your perfect match. Dating Noah's matchmaking service has successfully matched Noahide singles. Please read our privacy policy before submitting your application.

"What's kept us together through the years is our appreciation and love for each other. We understand that love is not an emotion. It's a principle. Trust and respect is earned, and happiness is a gift we give each other. It's our goal to share these marriage minded principles with Noahide couples around the world."

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Charles & Shara

Creators of Dating Noah

Happily married since 2005

Our Matchmaking Process

Step 1. Create An Account

Go to the "Apply To Begin" page to complete the initial registration and questionnaire for our matchmakers. You can change the language of the application, using the language widget under the member menu. The information will be securely stored and accessible only to our matchmakers and the site managers. You will be able to update some areas of your profile from your member menu. 


Step 2. Schedule A Consultation

You will automatically be prompted or a matchmaker will reach out to you via email, or phone to arrange a time to discuss your needs and wants. You will receive a link to your matchmaker's virtual scheduler, to schedule an intake appointment. 


Step 3. Get Educated While Your Matchmaker Scouts

Your matchmaker will review the list of available singles and search for one that is the most compatible to you. In the meantime, RSVP to attend upcoming complimentary group relationship coaching sessions, listen to past relationship coaching recordings, or register to attend an upcoming event. 


Step 4. Discuss Potential Matches

Once a possible match is found, your matchmaker will reach out to you to discuss your interest level. 

Step 5. Arrange To Meet A Potential Match

Your matchmaker will assist you in arranging your first face-to-face meeting, either in person, or in a virtual meeting room. 

Step 6. Communicate 

Your matchmaker will periodically offer you their advice and guidance in navigating the dating/courting process.  


Step 7. Keep Your Profile Updated & Have Patience 

If we are able to find a match for you, matchmaking can take months or even years, and is a process that offers no guaranteed outcomes. Your matchmaker will follow up with you periodically throughout the time. Keep checking in with your matchmaker to your account for updates from your matchmaker as well as new services and features from the site.


Our Process
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