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ABOUT ONLINE DATING is the largest dating service for the international universal moral law community. Our upcoming self-service online dating platform will be accessible to individuals who identify as Noahides, and anyone who embraces universal moral principles and considers themselves morally conscious.

We will also aim to cater to observant Jewish singles by ensuring that they are exclusively and automatically matched with other Jewish singles.

If you have registered to participate in our self-service online dating, you will receive email notifications when the service becomes available. Please note that this service may not be immediately available. Email updates regarding this service may be sent from TMC Life & Moral Development via

"What's kept us together through the years is our appreciation and love for each other. We understand that love is not an emotion. It's a principle. Trust and respect is earned, and happiness is a gift we give each other. It's our goal to share these marriage minded principles with Noahide couples around the world."

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Charles & Shara

Creators of Dating Noah

Happily married since 2005

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