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The Matchmaking Difference

The happiest marriages are between couples who are compatible. They don't have to have everything in common, but their over-arching principles and belief systems are similar. Those couples share the same goals, interests, and vision for their future families. So, instead of searching through a database of singles who will tell you what you want to hear, our matchmakers will help you find someone compatible to you. No more wasting time or worrying about being 'catfished'. All of our matchmakers are happily married and have access to a wide range of tools, training, and support, to assist you in your virtual matchmaking experience. They'll take the time to review your profile, reach out to you, and search our database of available singles until they find your perfect match. Once you find your perfect match, your virtual dates will be for the purpose of finding your soul mate. Please read our privacy policy before submitting your application.

Charles & Shara

Creators of Dating Noah

Happily married Noahides since 2005

"What's kept us together through the years is our appreciation and love for each other. We understand that love is not an emotion. It's a principle. Trust and respect is earned, and happiness is a gift we give each other."


How It Works

Step 1. Create An Account - Once your account has been created, go to the "Apply To Be Matched" page to complete a questionnaire for our matchmakers. The information will be securely stored and accessible only to our matchmakers and the site managers. You will be able to update your profile and receive messages about potential matches and events from your personal account. 


Step 2. Schedule A Consultation - A matchmaker will reach out to you via email or phone to arrange a time to discuss your needs and wants. You will receive a link to your matchmaker's virtual scheduler, to schedule an intake appointment. 


Step 3. Get Educated While Your Matchmaker Scouts - Your matchmaker will review the list of available singles and search for one that is the most compatible to you. In the meantime, RSVP to our complimentary group relationship coaching sessions. You can also schedule a one-on-one session with our certified relationship coaches in order to prepare for your happily ever after.


Step 4. Discuss Potential Matches - Once a possible match is found, your matchmaker will reach out to you to discuss your interest level. If you are interested in the recommended match, your matchmaker will reach out to your match via their matchmaker to learn more.


Step 5. Arrange To Meet A Potential Match - If both matchmakers determine that there'd be mutual interest, your matchmaker will consult you for your approval, and assist you in arranging your first face to face meeting, either in person, or in a virtual meeting room. You will have the opportunity to schedule a virtual date using our meeting rooms.


Step 6. Communicate - Your matchmaker will periodically offer you their advice and guidance in navigating the dating/courting process.  Though not mandatory, you will also have the opportunity to choose to have a "sit in",  A "sit-in" is where your matchmaker joins you on your date in order to silently observe your date and provide you with feedback.


Step 7. Keep Your Profile Updated & Have Patience - Matchmaking is a process that can take months if not years to find your match. Your matchmaker will follow up with you periodically throughout the time. If you’ve found a match, Mazel Tov! If you haven’t, we’ll keep searching for you. Should you and/or your potential match request counseling, our matchmakers will be able to refer you to an affiliated Rabbi or relationship counselor. Keep checking in to your account for updates from your matchmaker as well as new services and features from the site.



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