"I have tried dating apps in the past, but I have found after a few conversation exchanges I have lost interest because it just didnt seem right to me. The service you provide is excellent, very attentive and professional but just as importantly I feel having a matchmaker there is trust, which is what makes it very different to dating apps."

- Mya (United Kingdom)

"Dating Noah is matchmaking for the marriage minded Noahide. What has kept Charles and I together over the years is our appreciation for each other, and our principles. We want each and every member of Dating Noah to build the same excellent foundation that we were blessed with, which is why our service provides access to a variety of relationship coaching tools. Love is a principle. Trust and respect is earned, and happiness is a gift each Noahide couple can walk away with. To life and love. L'chaim!"

-Shara C. (Director)

Charles & Shara

Creators of Dating Noah

Happily married Noahides since 2005

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