What Will The Coronavirus Teach Us?

by Shara Chabakji

Is History Unfolding?

With the Coronavirus pandemic sweeping our world, we are watching history unfold before our eyes. History unfolds every day, of course, but we are watching one of the most monumental events of our generation. Have you ever considered the events of history and wondered what you would have done if you were to have lived then? If you lived in the Roman empire, would you have formed a coup to overthrow Caligula? Had you lived in the Civil Rights era, maybe you would you have protested to have every "colored only" sign taken down and enlighten everyone around you to see how racism was wrong?

Would you be stoic and recognize each problem clearly, knowing exactly what to do? Maybe you would have been one of the heroes who somehow, someway, did something to positively change the course of history.

But Would You?

That's the thing about monumental moments in history, many people don't understand that they are in it, while they're in it. It's only when looking back that they realize the impact they may have made, or could have made. Hindsight, as they say, is 20/20. So, can we see clearly what we can do individually, and collectively to positively impact the course of history, during this Coronavirus pandemic. Are we doing everything that we can?

The Historical Difference With Coronavirus

It's said that there is nothing new under the sun, so something similar has likely occurred in the past. But what makes this moment in history different than other moments in history, is that this is a moment in where we have the technology to communicate quickly with people all over the world, and to see the sweeping impact of this moment on our systems of government. Technology has brought us to a place of awareness that we did not have before. Secondly, this is a moment in history where war and protest won't help to slow down the devastation. Think about it. We are being asked to do nothing.

Are We Preparing For A Better Tomorrow?

Stepping out of our homes to "do something about it" will only make matters worse. Could the Creator of the universe be asking us to slow down and take some time to consider the world we live in. To consider that the impact of our actions affect others? Only God knows what the bigger lesson will be from all of this, but we know that no moment in history was ever darkened by someone who took time to consider others around him. Those who have impacted our world for the better, followed great leaders or were great leaders who provoked some to consider the plight of their fellow man. So though we may not be able to get out there and do something, maybe we can stay in and do something. This time of introspection and reflection is a great way to get prepared for tomorrow and how we'll treat our neighbors.

Listen to Rabbi Manis Friedman on "The Opportunity Behind The Coronavirus"

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