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We're celebrating in your decision to be matched! Before we can share contact information we will just need for you to confirm a few things, and answer a few questions. 

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If you chose to involve family or friends, do you want to receive character references about your match before exchanging contact information?

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Please share what contact information you would like us to disclose to your match. Your match will receive your full legal name.

I confirm that I have chosen to be matched, and understand that I will need to pay to The Noahide Community Foundation, Inc. doing business as (Dating Noah) all applicable administrative fees associated with processing my match. I am 18 years of age or older, have read and understood the privacy policy, and agree to Dating Noah's terms and conditions. I understand that submitting my payment for service does not guarantee that my match will remain a match. I am fully responsible for all communications with my match, and will not hold Dating Noah responsible for any unwanted outcomes. If I agree to share a review with a photo, and one has not been provided above, then a photo previously submitted of myself can be used by
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