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We are a global community                                                                                                    

Noahides are a growing group of individuals and families identifying as monotheists who embrace the universal laws of morality. Prior to 2016 Noahides accounted for less than 0.5% of the world population. As of 2020, Noahides are estimated to represent more than 2% of the world population and are quickly growing. The reason for this growth includes a broadening understanding of who can identify as a Noahide. Though many Noahides come from religious backgrounds (including evangelical Christians, Muslims, Hindus, etc.) and continue their pursuit of understanding monotheism and morality through religious lenses, many others do not. We are finding that Noahides who reject religious expressions of faith are individuals who come from non-religious backgrounds, including: former atheists, agnostics, contemporary Christians, etc. No matter what spectrum of the Noahide rainbow you happen to fall under, all Noahides embrace the understanding that there is only one God, that Judaism was instituted by God to preserve the laws of morality among other things (and is not a religion one must convert to), that the Jewish nation is a nation ordained by God to teach morality to the world, and that all of humankind is commissioned to observe the universal laws of morality.

At TNC it's our goal to provide resources and support to Noahides and their communities. We also hope to educate site visitors about how to live a purposeful and moral life, how to connect with others who are doing the same, and how to impact their world for the better. We aim to do these things by sharing educational materials and useful resources on our web page

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AFFILIATE | DatingNoah.com is a community development service of TNC. It serves as an online matchmaking service, catering to Noahide singles all over the world. Visit www.DatingNoah.com to sign up today.

PARTNER | DatingNoah.com by TNC is pleased to announce its partnership with the Brit Olam Noahide World Center. The online center is a premier resource site for Noahides. Their focus is helping to establish Noahide communities, and providing Torah-based spiritual and practical guidance to non-Jews for the development of non-Jewish communities. In order to identify as a Noahide, an individual is not required to make a formal declaration. However, one has the option to do so, should such proof of identity be desired. For this reason, the Brit Olam Noahide World Center is endorsed by the State of Israel as an authorized consul for the Noahide community, and as such has authorization to stand as witness to those who seek to make formal declarations of their Noahide status. To learn more please visit www.NoahideWorldCenter.org.

PARTNER | Chai Wellness & Healing is the official, individual and relationship counseling service of DatingNoahid.com. Chai Wellness & Healing is a professional online counseling service, dedicated to helping individuals of all backgrounds heal from past traumas. Free group sessions are offered to all members of DatingNoah.com, but one-on-one sessions can be scheduled as well. To learn what it takes to have a successful relationship or to begin healing today, please visit https://www.facebook.com/pg/Chai-Wellness-and-Healing.

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